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When a Woman with Disabilities Becomes  Panwaslih Chairwomen and Has Vast Experience

When a Woman with Disabilities Becomes Panwaslih Chairwomen and Has Vast Experience

There are no barriers to activities for Rahmah Rusli. Despite having physical limitations, it does not make her have to confine her intentions in working and organizing like women in general. Since birth, she has not had both perfect hands. But again, this limitation is not a problem for her in contributing to this country.
In a citizen journalism report written by Iwan Riswanda entitled "Rahmah Rusli, Disability Women's Fighter and Panwaslih Abdya Commissioner" on the website describes, Rahmah Rusli was born in Meudang Ara, Abdya, Aceh Province in 1973. She completed her basic education at MIN Blangpidie in 1989, then continued to Blangpidie State Junior High School (1986) and Blangpidie State Senior High School (1992). In 1997, Rahmah continued to college at IAIN (now UIN) Ar-Raniry Darussalam, Banda Aceh at the Sharia Faculty.
Since she was a college student, Rahmah has been active in campus organizations and became the board of the student senate of the Sharia Faculty of IAIN in 1993-1994, the board of the Islamic Student Association Commissariat of the Faculty of Shari'ah IAIN Ar-Raniry 1994, the board of the South Aceh Student Gathering Forum (1995), board of the Islamic Student Association (HMI) Banda Aceh branch (1996), board of The Young Generation of Southwest Aceh (GEMABDYA) in 1998, board of KNPI Abdya, Srikandi Pemuda Pancasila, Regional Board of Nasyiatul Aisyiyah (PDNA) Abdya and general chairwomen of Nasyiatul Aisyiyah Branch (PCNA) Blangpidie.
Besides having extensive organizational experience, Rahmah also has extensive work experience.  Rahmah was a staff member of Mitra Sejati Perempuan Indonesia (MISPI) in 2002, and director of LP3A Abdya. Technical Study Team in the field of Education for the Acceleration of Development of Disadvantaged and Special Areas (P2DTK) Abdya district (2007), Team Working Group (TWG) UNDP / BAPPEDA Abdya, Assistance in documenting the fulfillment of human rights of women in refugee camps with the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) Women in 2005-2006, Survivor of NGO Mapping in Aceh after the tsunami (2005), Survivor of Aceh Women Ulama with MISPI (2006).
Rahmah was once appointed as Field Coordinator for Monitoring Direct Regional Head Elections (regent elections in Aceh) in 2006 with the Aceh NGO Forum, a member of the Panwaslukada commissioner for the regent/deputy regent of Abdya.
Rahmah also became the N-PEACE AWARD candidate in the Inspirational Women category where participants were from five countries and one of them was Indonesia in 2014. Become the She Leads Indonesia candidate where participants are women electoral activists, lecturers, and women activists from all over Indonesia in 2021.
In 2011-2012, Rahmah was mandated as chairwoman of Panwaslu Abdya in the 2013-2014 elections, then became a member of the Panwaslih Abdya commissioner for the 2016-2017 period. Currently, Rahmah has been entrusted as the Coordinator of the Violation Handling and Dispute Resolution Division at Panwaslih Abdya for the 2018-2023 period.

Rahmah's contributions as a women's activist have had a significant impact on the region's development and environment. Her accomplishments demonstrate that women can make valuable contributions to their country and that physical limitations should not be a barrier to progress, but rather a motivation to continue providing services.

Rahmah Rusli inspires others to make a positive difference, especially in their own communities, through her expertise in her field and her advocacy for women's and children's rights especially to advance their own region.

During her time in Panwaslih, Rahmah Rusli highlighted numerous violations in the run-up to and on election day, including civil servants campaigning in official attire and using government vehicles, as well as instances of vote buying and other violations.

Looking at the work of Rahmah Rusli, there seems to be no reason why people with disabilities should not be involved in contributing to society, as long as they have the will and the opportunity to do so. Rahmad Rusli exemplifies the capabilities of people with disabilities, demonstrating what they are capable of to many individuals. 


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