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Educating Each Other for The Trust and Fair Election

Educating Each Other for The Trust and Fair Election

Usually, ahead of the general elections more and more new mass media are born, both print and online. The media above existed for numerous reasons, including to influence voters to support particular candidates, there are also those who provoke hoaxes that cause unrest in society.

The fake media that is not verified by the press council usually presents bad news (negative messages or bad news). Only fanatics want to read news that fits their prejudices. In fact, the democratic festival that takes place once every five years should not be a medium to spread hatred so as to wreck the unity of the citizens.

Head of the Voter Education Socialization and Public Participation Division of the Aceh Independent Election Commissioner (KIP), Akmal Abzal said that spreading one hoax is like allying with the perpetrator who is producing the hoax. That is, it has justified the fake news.

Facing such a situation, regarding to Akmal requires the commitment and cooperation of all parties because in order to lead to trust and fair elections, a good political education and stable security are needed to overcome future challenges. If politics of identity that prioritizes race, ethnicity, and certain religious groups continues to be maintained, it will have an impact on social divisions, thereby hampering the development of Indonesian democracy.

Therefore, said Akmal, it is important for the community to be involved in holding elections. In general, the public can participate as voters or to be elected by being directly involved as election participants. However, he said, the community could also contribute to educating the public regarding elections due to the limitations of election organizers who could not reach all levels of society.

"The large number of citizens with different professions and social grade make organizers unable to penetrate all levels of society," said Akmal in a public discussion entitled Empowered Citizens Pioneers for Trust and Fair Elections which was held by The Indonesian Association for Media Development (PPMN) and The Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem). Through the Banda Aceh Citizen Journalist Coordinator, on Tuesday, January 24th, 2023. This discussion took place at the NGO Flower Aceh office on Jalan Kebun Raja, Ulee Kareng. ( Januari/Perlunya Edukasi Politik untuk Memahami Asas Pemilu).

Chairman of the Board of Management of the Diniyah Takmiliyah Communication Forum (FKDT) Branch of Bumiayu District, Brebes Regency, Central Java, Kyai Ahmad Sururi said that educating the public to be election literate is part of the community's concern for the successfully of the 2024 elections.

The FKDT of Brebes Regency has collaborated with PPMN and Perludem to become a community of people concerned with elections. The hope is that people can get political education and political literacy. By understanding politics well, people will not easily believe or be provoked by untrue news.

These were remarks by Ahmad Sururi on the sidelines of the election socialization to dozens of FKDT members held by the sub-district member committee FKDT Brebes Regency. This activity was also fully supported by The Indonesian Association for Media Development (PPMN) and the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem), on Friday, February 10th, 2023.

Laila Alfi, who was a speaker at the seminars, explained the importance of the role of the ustadz and ustazah as community leaders or religious leaders who are role models for the ummah community.

"When the ustaz and ustazah don't care about the democratic process, especially elections, then the community will also not care. With the invitation from the ustaz, the community will be more open, smart, and trusting," she said.

Alfi hopes that the 2024 general election socialization activities carried out by the FKDT of Brebes Regency will make the ustaz and ustazah as ambassadors of enlightenment who help educate other people about elections so that people are politically literate. Finally, the community plays an active role in the success of the elections so as to produce quality leaders according to the people's expectations.


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