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Take a Voice When the NIK is Profiteering by Party Wayward Officials

Take a Voice When the NIK is Profiteering by Party Wayward Officials

Nyanyak Marawan Putri, a citizen journalist from Pidie Jaya, Aceh Province, never think that her identification number (NIK) was being used by one of the wayward officers of the political parties in her hometown. Initially, she saw a friend's WhatsApp story who uploaded screenshots of evidence that he was a victim of NIK profiteering by a political party.

Then, Nyanyak was curious, maybe her NIK was also used. Then she checked it through the official website by searching for checks for political party members. It turned out to be true, she was registered as a member of a political party without a consent.

She was very angry and would not remain silent. On September 28th, 2022, she made a complaint via the website She stated that he was not part of the political party. After filling out the form, she then uploaded it via a link directed to the district/city Independent Electoral Commission (KIP) through the websites.

"After I complained, the independent district/city election commission (KIP) said that the commission would confirm those persons concerned and would summon the political party and ask for the NIK to be removed," wrote Nyanyak in his citizen journalism published on, on Wednesday, November 9th 2022.

Nyanyak reported again that his relative, a 70-year-old grandmother with the initials KH. She was shocked when officials from the district KIP came to his house to confirm her membership in a political party. Even more surprised because she was not even familiar with the political party questioned by the committee officers.

Another victim of NIK profiteering was also experienced by FH (28), a resident of Southeast Aceh and domiciled in Malaysia who is also active in the Community of Sahabat Berbagi Bahagia of Southeast Aceh. This young man was very disappointed with the wayward political officials who carried out this action.

Regarding him, this case has entered the realm of criminal law because it uses someone else's identity without permission and is clearly a serious violation. He was disappointed that if it was like this it would be difficult to find a trusted leader if, from the very early stages, the political parties had committed violations by using people's identities illegally.

Head of the Voter Education and Community Participation Division of the Aceh Independent Election Commission (KIP), Tgk. Akmal Abzal, appealed to the public to check immediately whether he is registered as a member of a political party or not. According to Akmal, it is important to do this considering that there are many individuals whose NIKs are illegally exploited by political parties without the knowledge or consent of the person concerned.

To check this information, said Akmal, all you have to do is access the Check Political Party Members page which is available on the website. Next, just enter your NIK and press the search button. Later the system will issue the results of whether the NIK sought is registered or not in the Political Information System. If it is registered, it means that the NIK holder has been registered as a member of a particular political party.

"Immediately check through the official election Information website released by the KPU. If it is found that it has been profited from, make an official complaint immediately so that KIP can clarify it soon," Akmal said in a radio talk show organized by The Indonesian Media Development Association (PPMN) with the topic "Empowered Citizens are Pioneers of Trust and Fair Elections", on Friday, November 25th, 2022.

He added that these officials complaints can also be made online via page provides a form for the model community-political party response which can be downloaded to fill in the requested information. Apart from that, the complainant also needs to upload his residence identity, explain the problem that has occurred, and attach a screenshot that his NIK has been registered with the Sipol. ( November 2022/batas klarifikasi pencatutan nik oleh parpol hingga 7-desember ini kata kip aceh).

Besides Akmal as a speaker, the Empowered Citizens Pioneers of Trust and Fair Elections talk show presented the Treasurer of Fatayat Nahdlatul Ulama Aceh, Aklima, and citizen journalist, Nurul Muhdiyah. Aklima said that one of the things that need to be a focus in the success of elections is to provide a sufficient space for vulnerable groups.

This group includes the elderly, women, the begineer voters, people with disabilities, and prison inmates. They are among the groups that are vulnerable to being mobilized due to their lack of election information that they can access.

"The election organizers must be responsive, these vulnerable groups should be independent in choosing and not become victims of campaign mobilization at the political events," Aklima said


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