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Family Donors of Winning Senatorial Candidates, May 2022

Data view dari berkas Family Donors of Winning Senatorial Candidates, May 2022
- Name of winning senator Name of donor Relation to the candidate Total amount donated  
1 Legarda, Lorna Regina B. Leviste, Leandro Antonio Son 100000000  
2 Gatchalian, Sherwin T. Gatchalian, Dee Hua Mother 58412600  
3 Legarda, Lorna Regina B. Legarda, Antonio C. Father 36000000  
4 Ejercito, Joseph Victor G. Estrada, Joseph Ejercito Father 20000000  
5 Zubiri, Juan Miguel F. Tan, Lourdes A. Mother 20000000  
6 Zubiri, Juan Miguel F. Zubiri, Maria Asuncion R. Mother-in-law 20000000  
7 Gatchalian, Sherwin T. Gatchalian, Kenneth Brother 15500000  
8 Ejercito, Joseph Victor G. Gomez, Guia Guanzon Mother 10000000  
9 Gatchalian, Sherwin T. Ting, Elvira Maternal aunt 8000000  
10 Hontiveros-Baraquel, Ana Theresia N. Hontiveros, Marianne B. Cousin 3000000  
11 Cayetano, Alan Peter S. Cayetano, Mary Bianca Calalang Brother 500000  
12 Cayetano, Alan Peter S. Cayetano, Rene Carl Schramm Sister-in-law 500000