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Sarawak State Elections 2021 Voters Demographics, Santubong

Sinar Project

Sinar Project is a civic tech initiative using open technology, open data and policy analysis to systematically make important information public and more accessible to the Malaysian people.


Atribusi komersial

CSV dun-composition-sarawak-state-election-2021_Santubong, Voters Type

Dataset Information

Item Value
Parent Dataset
: Sarawak State Elections 2021 Voters Demographics, Santubong
: Sinar Project
: Malaysia
Dataset Contact
: Sarawak State Elections 2021 Voters by DUN Composition, gender, ethnic group, urban-rural classification, Santubong
Data Range
: 2021
Update Frequency
: Once
Contains Sensitive Data
: No
File Format
Table / layer Name
: SARAWAK_DUN_2021_COMPOSITION_Santubong, Voters Type
: Atribusi komersial
Metadata Classification
: Public
Metadata Last Updated
: 27/02/2024, 16:05
Data Last Updated
: 01/08/2022, 23:26


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